How to Make a Difference

Sadly, many people believe that the problems of the world are so great that they couldn't possibly have what [...]

Meet Pramila

Pramila is part of the sewing team we met in Kathmandu working for a World Fair Trade Organisation accredited NGO. [...]

What will your legacy be?

It all starts with awareness. By simply raising awareness about what trading fairly is and making a choice to talk [...]

Don’t be an Ostrich

What concerns you most in the world today?  Here’s a few key issues that concern me to start things off. [...]

Who Made Your Clothes?

HOW CAN A GARMENT BE CHEAPER THAN A SANDWICH? When we go into our shops. We see the clean, nicely [...]

Food for Thought

Food is something dear to our hearts and makes such a difference to our health. Considering it from an ethically [...]

Are you disconnected?

Let’s face it, we’re pretty disconnected from the products that we buy everyday. Behind the beautifully presented products we [...]

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